Open World Poetry and Geopoetics.

A transcendental system of thought bound together by the unity

of creation and the supremacy of insight over logic for revealing

the deepest truths. Contemplative philosophical poetry

to help mitigate the challenges of our beautiful,

but arduous modern world.

Colorful Nature
Notebook and Pen


The kind of open world poetry offered by Brian McManus is derived from the Geopoetic  philosophy of the renowned Scottish poet and thinker Kenneth White, the influence of the philosophers Nietzsche and Jung, and the insights of the mystic Gurdjieff. It is further shaped by the connective tissue provided by the work of a host of poets and writers including Kathleen Jamie, T. S. Eliot, Walt Whitman, Robert Frost and Ezra Pound, and complimented by the inspiring work of battalion of modern day small press poets.

Additionally, the writing of Robert MacFarlane, Oswald Spengler, Mark Lynas, Martin Rees, David Wallace-Wells and Jeff Goodell has been pivotol around interrogating 

societal change, climate change and what our future holds.

Brian McManus offers an updated and renewed Intellectual Nomadism, a mindscape which does not disavow the socio-personal or modern culture. It remains however a poetry without affectation, without artifice and without the overtly conscious crafting

which tells the reader something about the poet, but a lot less about the subject matter

of the poem. It's a poetry about us, our lives, the earth and the cosmos, our relationship

to them and our place in them. It is polymorphous, a poetry of elegant simplicity,

and is absolutely food for the soul.

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